The Vujicsics Ensemble, (Corrected Version)

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Hungarian World Music Festival
Lilian Baylis Theatre, Sadler's Wells, London
We are multicultural with a Hungarian identity', claims the Ensemble's leader, Mr.Gábor Eredics.


photo by: Mr. György Paraszkay


Beginning to explore Hungary's villages in the early 1970s, some of the city youths went to the villages in the framework of fieldwork so as to find long-forgotten musical instruments, melodies and folk dances. Later on, some of the said youths became professinal musicians and teachers who graduated from both the Béla Bartók Conservatory and the Ferenc Liszt Academy of Music. They decided that what really interested them was Serbian dance and music in Pomáz, Budakalász and Szentendre. It was in Pomáz that six youngsters established the Vujicsics Ensemble named after Tihamér Vujicsics, folk music collector and musicologist.

Although the Ensemble are still seen as a Serbian folk music group, their repertoire is both Serbian and Croatian folk music, including pieces collected by Béla Bartók, Tihamér Vujicsics and the Ensemble themselves.
It is in a virtuoso manner that they sound their special instruments.

The Ensemble is made up of the following musicians:

Mr.Mihály Borbély - sheperd's pipe, clarinet,saxophone, tambura, vocals Mr.Miroszláv Briczán - tenortambura, vocals
Mr.Károly Győri - first tambura, violin
Mr.Gábor Eredics - accordeon, tambura, alt tambura, vocals
Mr.Kálmán Eredics - double-bass, drum, vocals
Mr.Ferenc Szendrődi - first tambura, tambura samica